What is the Physical Education General Institute Requirement?

How do I register for a Physical Education course?

When are the open registration periods?

How will I know if I successfully registered for a class or was placed on the waitlist?

  • A confirmation message will display on the screen. In addition, you will receive an e-mail confirmation message. You can also log into the registration system and see your current registration status.

If I am on the waitlist should I go to class?

  • Yes, you should go to the first day of class. The instructor will fill the open spaces from the waitlist.

I know that someone cancelled their spot in class. Why didn't I receive any communication that my waitlist number changed or that I was enrolled in the course?

  • You will  receive communication of waitlist placement movement only during the open registration period. If a student cancels their enrollment after the registration period closes, you will not receive any communication.
  • If you are on the waitlist for the course, you should attend the first day of class.

What else can I do in the on-line registration system besides register for a class?

I missed the PE registration period. How can I register for a Physical Education class?

  • You can attend the first day of any open class. The instructor will add your name to the waitlist. Open spots will be assigned as available by the instructor. You can view the list of open courses on the PE registration system. 
  • Plan ahead for next quarter –check the calendar section for the next registration period.


What if I need to drop a Physical Education class?

  • Send an e-mail to mitpe@mit.edu with DROP in the Subject line
  • Indicate in the body of the e-mail your name, and class name and day/time.


How do I register for more than one Physical Education Class?
The registration process allows you to register for only one class. To take an additional class:

  • View the list of open courses on the PE registration system. 
  • You can attend the first day of any open class. Open spots will be assigned as available by the instructor.

Can I take the same class more than once anc still get PE points for it?

  • Although there are a variety of PE classes offered, students are allowed to take the same class more than once and still receive PE points. Students are however encouraged to participate in a variety of classes and try new experiences.

 The stellar site for my course says that I am "unenrolled" or "non-registered." What does this mean?

  • These are terms that the stellar system uses to show that students were added after the close of online registration. Students with this status will still receive physical education points if they complete the attendance requirement for the course.

Does physical education affect my academic record?

  • Your degree audit shows how many points you have completed and how many remain incomplete. It will also say that the swim requirement is complete or incomplete. Letter grades for physical education are not posted to student transcripts or degree audits. However, the grades for physical education are visible in the physical education registration system, which is the system of record for the MIT physical education GIR.

I missed the Freshman Group Swim Test. How can I take it?

I cannot take the swim test in a mixed gender environment. How do I complete the swim test?

  • Contact mitpe@mit.edu who can facilitate an appointment for you to take the test in a gender specific environment. 

I cannot take a swim class in a mix gender environment. Is there an all male or all female class?

  • The Physical Education program plans to provide an all female class during IAP 2015, followed by an all male class during IAP 2014.
  • Please indicate your interest to be notified of upcoming gender specific swim classes by sending an e-mail to mitpe@mit.edu. In the body of the e-mail provide your full name, gender, and phone number. 

 Is it possible to have privacy while changing for a swim course or the swim test?

  • Yes. There is a small locker room with shower and toilet facilities near the aquatics offices (behind the diving boards on the Z Center  Pool deck). It is possible to change, shower and use facilities in this area in privacy.

Is it possible to wear a t-shirt and shorts, swim burka or other clothing to take the swim test or swim courses?

  • Yes. It is acceptable to wear the clothing mentioned above. Please note that clothing that is too loose fitting or heavy may make floatation difficult. Please feel free to contact the physical education office if you have questions mitpe@mit.edu. We want to make sure that students have the opportunity to be comfortable and safe in the water.

When are grades posted?

  • Grades are posted within one week of the last day of class and can be viewed in WebSIS.

Why are club sports not offered for physical education points?    

  • Physical Education points are not awarded for club sports. The Physical Education GIR most importantly provides supervised, intentional, methodical instruction for skill acquisition by certified instructors in addition to providing practice opportunities. An additional goal of a physical education course is to create a sense of community within courses so students can continue practicing the acquired skills with others when the course is completed.   

    Clubs sports are student initiated, student run and student sustained organizations intended to provide MIT students with a leadership opportunities. The students determine the direction of the club, whether it be competitive or instructional. Although clubs can take an instructional approach, they are not expected to provide structured progressions to beginners twice a week for six weeks. Also, clubs sports instructors or coaches are not required to keep detailed records including attendance or meet the same instructor qualifications.   

    The Director of Physical Education, Physical Education Faculty, Director of Club Sports with the Club Sports Council reviewed the concept of offering club sports for physical education points. It was concluded that there is not sufficient infrastructure within the club sport program and available resources in DAPER to manage and sustain this initiative with appropriate integrity. However, the club sport proposal will be reviewed in the future if a Recreational Sport Coordinator is hired.     

    As a solution, the Physical Education Office will review a proposal by any club sport that would like to offer a course through Physical Education that is submitted in April for the following year. Clubs need to demonstrate student interest and recommend an instructor who would provide a 12 class syllabus complete with learning outcomes that meets required degree requirement and certifications. If the proposal is approved, the instructor is then interviewed, hired, and trained as a physical education instructor. These instructors would be expected to complete the same tasks as other physical education instructors. This is feasible solution because it operates within the current physical education structure.

Why are Recreational Instructional Courses not offered for Physical Education Points?

  • Physical Education points are not awarded for instructional courses offered through the Recreation Program. The Physical Education General Institute Requirement most importantly provides undergraduate students 8 hours of highly structured  and progressive instruction with practice opportunities for skill acquisition. All courses are taught by trained and certified instructors that meet all the requirements of Physical Education. Whereas, Recreational Instructional Courses focus on providing recreation opportunities designed around the interests and needs of graduate students, staff and faculty. Because, many times the course duration, amount of progressive instruction and different instructor credentials do no t comply with MIT requirements for the General Institute Requirement, Recreational Instructional Courses are not offered for Physical Education points.

Is there a Physical Education Pirate Certificate?

  • The Pirate Certificate became available in the Fall of 2011. Students who have completed Archery, Fencing, Pistol (or Rifle) and Sailing should send an email to mitpe@mit.edu with name and MIT ID number once grades are posted for all four courses. Check PE history at mitpe.com. Follow us at http://www.facebook/mitpe for updates. 
  • The Pirate Certificate is designed to recognize the completion of the undergraduate Physical Education General Institute Requirement.

Can graduate students earn the Pirate Certificate?

  • Yes, graduate students are eligible for the pirate certificate.

I'm interested in taking SCUBA - what do I need to know?

Will I receive a refund if I drop my regular PE class?

  • If students drop a PE class online or does not show up to the 1st class, students will be removed from the course and their student account will not be charged the associated fee. If students attend 2 or more classes your student accoutn will be charged the lab fee and a refund will not be issued.

I have registered for an Xtreme PE course and now want to cancel, will I still be charged?

  • Xtreme PE courses require the student to confirm or cancel their registration by completing a brief online form via a link sent by the PE Office (mitpe@mit.edu).
  • Students who have confirmed their registration but drop the course before the 1st calss occurs, their student account will be billed the non-refundable fee. Students who confirmed their registration but then drop the course once the classes have begun will be charged the full course amount. See course catalog for the course and non-refundable fees.




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PE Make Up Form

To check your PE history (points), click on "registration" and then on "history."

You can also check your attendance on PE Course Stellar sites.

A Pirate Certificate is now available to students who have passed Archery, Fencing, Pistol, and Sailing.

Students should send an email to mitpe@mit.edu with name and MIT ID number
once grades are posted for all four courses.
Check PE history at www.mitpe.com.


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